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Essential Oils

In crafting our oil-based formulations, we harness the potency of various essential oils, many of which we meticulously steam-distill in-house in our copper alembic still. These high quality oils grace our products with their aromatherapeutic benefits and have long lasting benefits.

When we do procure essential oils from other distillers, we prioritize organic, steam-distilled options over CO2-extracted ones. This choice is deliberate, as the extreme cold used in CO2 extraction can inadvertently compromise some of the more volatile terpenes that are integral to the rich aromatherapeutic experience we seek to deliver. Despite the potential for greater yield with CO2 extraction, we remain committed to our traditional method, utilizing water as a solvent to capture and preserve those delicate terpenes that make our formulations truly special.

Black Pepper

Piper nigrum

Sri Lanka (fair-trade, certified organic)

Black pepper essential oil is a key ingredient in our Menthol Rub, specially chosen for its remarkable properties when applied topically. This essential oil is renowned for its ability to enhance absorption, ensuring that the menthol's soothing effects penetrate deeply and effectively. The warming and invigorating qualities of black pepper oil not only aid in promoting circulation but also contribute to a comforting, well-balanced experience when using the Menthol Rub on the skin.


Cedrus atlantica

Distilled in-house + USA (certified organic)

Cedarwood essential oil offers a host of benefits for the skin. Known for its calming and grounding properties, cedarwood oil helps to soothe and balance the skin, making it a valuable ally in our formulations. This essential oil is also recognized for its astringent qualities, which can assist in promoting skin firmness and addressing issues such as acne and excess oil. By harnessing the natural benefits of cedarwood, our products aim to enhance the overall health and vibrancy of your skin. Cedarwood is a prized ingredient in our Hemp Butter, Herbal Balm, and Youth Serum.


Syzygium aromaticum

Sri Lanka (fair-trade, certified organic)

Clove essential oil plays a crucial role in the Menthol Rub, contributing to a soothing experience for muscles, joints and body aches. Its presence in the formulation generates a warming sensation, perfectly complementing the cooling effect of menthol, helping to encourage blood flow to the applied area. Clove is recognized for its potential to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort while offering a sense of relaxation. In our Menthol Rub, clove enhances the overall effectiveness of the product, promoting a balanced and revitalizing experience that soothes and invigorates sore and tired muscles.


Eucalyptus globulus

Australia (fair-trade, certified organic)

With its refreshing, camphorous aroma, eucalyptus essential oil offers a natural remedy for nasal discomfort, helping to clear congestion and promote easier breathing. Furthermore, it lends an invigorating and awakening quality to the Menthol Rub, enhancing mental clarity and focus while soothing the body.

Fir Needle

Abies balsamea 

Canada (fair-trade, certified organic)

Fir needle essential oil is a versatile botanical treasure found in our Hemp Butter, Herbal Balm, and Menthol Rub formulas. Topically, it offers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for the mind and body alike. Its invigorating aroma imparts a sense of vitality and clarity, enhancing overall well-being and mood. With its natural antiseptic and astringent properties, fir needle essential oil supports skin health by cleansing and tightening pores.


Boswellia carteri

India (fair-trade, certified organic)

Frankincense essential oil holds a rich history of revered use for both the skin and the body. In our Zen Cream and Hemp Butter, this precious oil is a central component we cherish for its rejuvenating and toning properties, promoting a smooth complexion and a healthy, natural glow. Beyond its skincare benefits, this aromatic resin has been treasured for millennia as a spiritual and mental aid, renowned for its ability to induce a sense of serenity and tranquility. Its esteemed role in ancient rituals and as a symbol of divine connection further underscores its significance in our products, offering a holistic experience that nurtures both the skin and the soul.


Helichrysum italicum

Distilled in-house + USA (certified organic)

Helichrysum, renowned for its remarkable benefits for the skin, is a treasured ingredient in our Youth Serum, Hemp Butter, Zen Cream. When we have access to enough plant material, we meticulously distill it in small batches to produce both hydrosol and essential oil. 

This golden elixir aptly named Immortelle, has a history of use dating back to the ancient Egyptians who recognized its potent healing properties. In our formulations, helichrysum offers skin-nurturing qualities, such as promoting cell regeneration, reducing the appearance of scars, and maintaining a youthful, radiant complexion. Its aroma is soothing to both the skin and mind alike, evoking a sense of peaceful joy and vibrancy.


Mentha x piperita L.

USA (certified organic)

Peppermint essential oil is well known for its many benefits for the skin and senses. When applied topically, it creates a cooling effect that can calm muscles, alleviate tension, and provide relief to tired or overworked areas. Additionally, as a chest rub, it aids in clearing sinus congestion and promoting easier breathing. Beyond its skincare and respiratory advantages, peppermint boasts an invigorating aroma that uplifts and energizes the mind, making it a valuable addition to aromatherapy practices. In our Menthol Rub, it combines these qualities to offer a refreshing and soothing experience that benefits both the body and the soul.


Rosmarinus officinalis

Distilled in-house + USA (certified organic)

Rosemary essential oil offers a multitude of benefits for the skin and mind alike. Known for its rejuvenating and astringent properties, rosemary essential oil can help improve skin tone and promote a vibrant complexion. Additionally, its invigorating scent has aromatherapeutic benefits, enhancing mental clarity and focus. At GARA, we enjoy crafting our own rosemary hydrosol and essential oil using a copper alembic still, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity of this remarkable botanical, both for skincare and for its aromatic properties. This powerful essential oil can be found in our Youth Serum, Herbal Balm, and Menthol Rub.

Rose Geranium

Pelargonium graveolens

Distilled in-house + Egypt (fair-trade, certified organic)

Rose geranium essential oil is celebrated for its remarkablemhumectant properties, meaning it can attract and retain moisture in the skin, helping to maintain optimal hydration and a supple complexion. In aromatherapy, the sweet and floral aroma of rose geranium is known to have a calming effect on the mind, promoting emotional balance and a sense of well-being. Its dual action as a skin hydrator and an aromatic mood-enhancer makes it a valuable addition to our Youth Serum, Zen Cream, and Herbal Balm formulations.


Pogostemon cablin

India (fair-trade, certified organic)

Patchouli essential oil is renowned for its skin-regenerating properties, aiding in maintaining a smoother, more vibrant complexion. It can be particularly helpful for addressing scars, stretch marks and other minor blemishes. In aromatherapy, the earthy and grounding scent of patchouli is prized for its ability to induce relaxation, alleviate stress, and foster emotional balance. Its dual role as a skin enhancer and a mood-soother makes it a valuable addition to our Hemp Butter, providing a holistic and nourishing experience for the body and mind.


Chrysopogon zizanioides

India (fair-trade, certified organic)

Vetiver essential oil is known for its grounding and moisturizing properties, helping to balance and nourish the skin with exquisite potency. Its deep, earthy scent is cherished for its ability to instill a sense of calm, reduce stress, and promote emotional stability. This skin-enhancing and mood soothing ability makes vetiver an integral part of our Hemp Butter, providing a holistic and enriching experience.



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