Each batch is seasonal, distinctive and handcrafted. We grow or ethically source all ingredients, and distill and process many of our own oils. We focus on sustainable, slow personal care and are involved in each step of the process.

Our philosophy is to work with the body’s natural defense and regenerative mechanisms for overall skin and body wellness.



A short film by Emilee

GARA short film hydrosol herbs distillation copper still
The Youth Serum is by far the BEST face and neck moisturizer I've ever used!

Heather L.

I have been using the Hemp Butter for several months now and it is providing healing and moisturizing qualities for my face that I have been unable to find in any other products. Within a couple of weeks, the major dryness and flaky skin was gone. I have added this product to my list of “can't be without” items.

Debbie W.

I love every product I have tried so far. This Menthol Rub is an absolute lifesaver for migraines. One of the few things I have found that gives me relief. Thank you!!!!

Melissa C.

I have a number of the GARA Hydrosols and just absolutely love them. I just recently purchased the Rose and they are an amazing addition to my self-care regime especially during these trying times."

April W.

My husband loves the Hemp Butter for the psoriasis on his hands! He says it's his favorite of all the butters he has tried!

Michelle G.

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