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We are delighted to share this exciting news with you!

GARA is now a part of Sophia Society, a not for profit Private Membership Association. In the private domain, we are able offer more workshops and events, along with more personalized offerings such as 1:1 consultations and personalized scent potions.

As a brand, we were so heavily focused on the science of plants and now, our views are evolving. Just as the water nips away at the shore to expose new land, GARA too has caved canyons in our hearts. We have been exposed to the truth through the garden. We have glimpsed the immense wisdom that a single plant can hold. We have seen messages in the water. We have felt the wildness of the land in our bones. In essence, we are being born a new.

We believe that everything we create is sacred. Every distillation, every plant, every production. It has long been our dream to share our rituals and practices with you and now we can do so in a private container. 

The formulas we craft are not simply products, they are living expressions of energy. They prompt a cherished exchange between plant and human on the most basic yet profound level, the body.

In a sacred container, we open our hearts and invite you into the exploration that we call life. Rather than engage in continual growth which is counterintuitive to nature, we can contract. We can engage in meaningful exchanges that enrich all beings, first and foremost our dear Mother Earth. We can share and explore the vastness that community and relations can give us.

As we are just beginning this path, our website and offerings will be evolving, expanding, and in some places, contracting. It is an ever changing landscape where we can share our ideas and offerings with you.

We invite you in, welcome you with open arms and hearts! 

In order to make a purchase on our website, we ask that you become a member. The membership fee of $1 is deducted from your first order and once you have joined, you can be a member for life if you choose. You will be required to create an account and as a member, you will enjoy special offerings, coupon codes and giveaways. We kindly ask for your patience (and anticipation) as we get everything in order on our website. We will make announcements periodically and updates will be happening as we are able. 

We are so grateful for you love and support! Thank you for taking this journey with us, we are delighted to have you here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! We are always here to answer your questions to the best of our ability. 


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