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Gift Week Details

2020, what a year it has been.  Let us shower you with gifts of gratitude and love!  Some of the gifts that we have for you this year are seasonal creations. They will not be available for purchase...


The coyote mint hydrosol is true to form, aromatic and energetic. The scent is slightly minty and musky, a hint of smoke and an after note of sage. This hydrosol is not available to purchase on our...


A botanical liniment spray for sore muscles and joints, injuries or other inflamed areas. This product is not available for purchase on our website. We will be including a bottle as a gift with ord...

Gardenia Hydrosol

We have such a limited amount of this hydrosol that we are offering this product to our subscribers only! Become a GARA member here.

SAMHAIN The Third and Final Harvest

Blessings on this special solar sabbat! Death is on the vine, a chill in the evening air, and the veil between worlds is thin. It is the third and final harvest, a harvest of seeds.

Seasonal Skin: AUTUMN

I have a few skin care tips that I think you'll enjoy this time of year. Discover how to utilize each product to its maximum benefit with these simple and easy skin care recipes. 

Chaga, Gold of the Forest

Chaga is often called the King of Medicinal Mushrooms, Gold of the Forest, and Black Gold. This unique mushroom has extensive historical use as medicine in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The Birth of the Seasons

I was gifted a book about Greek mythology for my birthday where I happened upon the story of Persephone. I was familiar with this myth but did not fully understand its beginning. ⁠I’ll share this w...

MABON II Autumn Equinox

It is a time of celebration, a time to reflect on the summer months and give thanks the fruit brought forth by countless hours of labor. The community gathers to share in the feast of the second ha...

The Wisdom of the Sage

It is no coincidence that the word sage means wisdom and knowledge and the plants that carry the same nomenclature fully embody those traits.

Tulsi, the beautiful Holy Basil

For this hydrosol, we distilled Ocimum tenuiflorum, also called Krishna Tulsi. It’s soft and silky, super smooth scent and taste. It boasts a classic holy basil with a hint sweet floral. The aromat...

Blessings on this Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice is today and the New Moon in Cancer with an annual solar eclipse is on Sunday. Harness this energy, embrace Cancer’s emotional and somewhat turbulent influence to create real, s...


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