NEW Sweet Annie Hydrosol

Its aroma is very sweet and slightly green and fruity with nuances of mint and a classic Artemisia undertone. Whether you seek emotional support, a natural insect repellent, or an overall body deod...

It's Virgo Season!

Your presence as a cherished member of GARA is a gift in itself, and as a token of my appreciation on this momentous day, I am delighted to extend a special offering to you. Free gifts with every o...

What to do with all those empty GARA bottles?

Follow these three easy steps and you’ll have sparkling Miron glass bottles to fill with your own tonics and potions or use them as flower vases, sauce containers, the options are endless! 

Self Care Tips

We asked you to share some of your self care routines and tips with us and we wanted to share some of the responses we got with our GARA community!

GARA Gift Week 2022

We're gifting house-distilled Cedarwood essential oil and hydrosols this year AND for one month only, the Bee Balm, Sun Kissed Body Oil and The Land Mask will be available for purchase!

Formula Update: Menthol Rub

We’ve added an extra boost of CBD and increased the amount of both arnica and st. john’s wort extracts to dive even deeper into muscle aches and pains.

Harvest Bundle

Submerge your mind and body in a warm symphony of healing herbs and salts. The Harvest Bundle comes with a seasonal Bath Brew Soaking Salts and Tea Bag, a travel size Zen Cream and a hydrosol of yo...

Formula Update!

We have changed the base oil of our Full Spectrum CBD+ tincture from hempseed oil to an organic, coconut-derived MCT oil.

Sun Kissed Oil

Protect and nourish your skin with a vibrant face and body oil infused with carrot, calendula, hemp, and chamomile. Our seasonal summer body oil is packed with antioxidants and many all star ingred...

Give Back: Earth Island Herbs

We are delighted to launch our Local Give Back campaign with Earth Island Herbs! For the entire month of June, we will be donating 5% of our online sales to Carol Wade's Ojai School for Herbal Stud...

Spring Clean Bundle

The Spring Clean Bundles comes with a Sulfur Face + Body Mask, Tonic and Seasonal Hydrosol of your choice. The combination of this powerful sulfur mask with the Tonic and a seasonal hydrosol is inc...


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