Allergy Assist Bundle

Seasonal allergies are part of the spring time territory for most of us. We've put together the perfect pair of products to assist your mind and body when pollen is out and about so that you can be...

Skin Savior Bundle

We've paired some of our plant powered products together to enhance your skincare rituals. Explore our fan favorite bundles + save on some of our most popular products.

Calm + Soothe Bundle

We've paired two of our most powerful products together to soothe pain and inflammation. This combination of calming products works on a deeper level, providing pain relief while lowering inflammat...

Spring Equinox

I've been anchoring deep into the mother earth energy and plant awareness over the past month. Just as the seasons around us change, so to do our internal environments.

Winter Love Bundle

We are delighted to launch our new seasonal bundle! Our WINTER LOVE bundle celebrates going deeper into the parts of our physical and emotional bodies that need attention and love this time of yea...

Bee Balm

An oil-based salve, designed to lock in moisture during these dry, winter months. Any skin care woe that ails you, this is balm is the antidote. Available now as part of our Winter Love Bundle

Yuletide // A time of personal sacrifice

A new and old take on the winter solstice.As many of you know, I write and personally celebrate the Celtic wheel of the year. It has been in reading and writing about these rituals that I have begu...

GARA + Blau Giveaway

When Fee and I first met, we knew we had to create a product together. In celebration of our collaborative release, we are hosting a GARA + Blau GIVEAWAY! Enter to win one of our NEW Everyday Earth...

GARA Gift Week

Today is the day friends, GARA Gift Week begins now! From Monday, November 22 through Thursday November 25, 2021, every order will include TWO FREE hydrosol samples + FREE SHIPPING. In addition to...


A botanical liniment for tired muscles and joints, injuries or other sore areas. The Sage Spray is easy to apply and does not leave an oily residue. This formula is rapidly absorbed by the skin for...


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