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Discover the profound benefits of Aromatherapy with our Hydrosol Diffuser Set.

In the changing of seasons, finding moments of tranquility and relaxation is essential. The practice of aromatherapy has long been celebrated for its ability to alleviate stress, enhance mood, and promote overall mental and emotional balance. Hydrosols offer a unique perspective in the world of aromatherapy and we've discovered a whole new way to work with them in our glass diffuser.

Our Hydrosol Diffuser Set is an invitation to embrace a daily practice of serenity and self care. Elevate your space, indulge your senses, and embark on a personal pilgrimage of self discovery and communion with the plant kingdom. Become allies with the aromatic plants around you as you inhale their intoxicating scent.

Distilled from organic plant materials, our hydrosols are vibrant, energetic and living. Their aroma is exquisite, well-rounded and deep, sending you on an immersive journey to discover the healing power of aromatic botanicals. Whether you choose the calming notes of lavender, the uplifting scent of citrus, or the grounding aroma of cedarwood, each hydrosol offers its own aromatherapeutic properties to activate your senses.

Crafted with impeccable detail, our glass diffuser serves as a rare altarpiece, seamlessly merging beauty with the benefits of aromatherapy. To complement the sensorial experience, a pure, beeswax candle casts a warm glow to enhance the overall ambiance and atmosphere of your space. Imagine yourself unwinding after a long day, surrounded by the soothing hues of candlelight and the gentle aroma of your favorite hydrosol—it's a self-care ritual that transcends the ordinary.

Each plant has its own unique energetic and aromatherapeutic application. When choosing a hydrosol, pay attention to the ones that catch your eye. Rather than solely relying on the product description and typical uses, listen to why it may be calling you. Plants speak in another language, you need only to open your senses to hear their stories and receive their medicine. Trust your intuition, the plants are always speaking to you.

Below are some of the messages we have received from the plants while distilling them. Some plants speak louder than others, and some take more time to understand, but they all have something to contribute. May they help you on your journey.

Bay Laurel is empowering and bold, helping one to move forward in honor without fear.

Bergamot Orange provides support for self-love and acceptance, optimism and confidence.

Black Sage is gentle yet powerful in its embrace, a supportive ally for finding inner peace.
California Sagebrush is calming, protective and playful. It has a depth of everlasting love and support, inviting us to go deeper into our own well of wisdom.

Cedar is heart centered, calm and grounded, reminding us to stay present in each moment with an open heart.

Chamomile is gentle and soothing, an ally for working with inner mother/child wounds and emotional exhaustion.

Clary Sage helps to bring clarity, strengthen intuition and imagination through the feminine aspects that live within us all. It is an ally for emotional and spiritual use.

Cleveland Sage is assertive and calming, inviting one to have an expansive experience that also feels supportive not destructive. It is an ally for emotional and spiritual use.

Coyote Mint is bright, energetic and transformative. It activates the mind and imagination, creating a sense of easeful alertness.

Gardenia is floral, sensual and deep. Known for its aphrodisiac qualities, gardenia invites us to explore the alchemical union of the masculine and feminine energies that reside in us all.

Grapefruit helps one to meet their needs, reclaim body awareness and acceptance, and asks one to have honor and respect for one's physical body.

Helichrysum is an ally for emotional and physical trauma, allowing one to explore the depths of pain with full support.

Hummingbird sage is sweet and joyful, evoking a sense of peace and tranquility. It is an excellent hydrosol to use in your diffuser to uplift mood and soothe anxiety.

Jasmine is soft, feminine and intimate. The hydrosol is an excellent tool to use for deepening connections with the self and with others.

Juniper is empowering and cleansing, helping one to move forward with intention and precision.

Lavender is open, expressive and radiant. It brings a calm sense of peace and evokes a clear mind and body.

Lemon balm is joyful and lively. It helps one to digest difficult situations or experiences with integrity and ease.

Lemon is alert, vibrant and energized. It evokes a deep sense of inner happiness and helps one to focus with a bright heart and mind.

Lemon Verbena is calming and sedative, a soothing sanctuary.

Lemongrass offers clarity through cleansing, coming back into harmony with simplicity and grace.

Mugwort is transitional, illusive, unknown, always seeking depth through death and rebirth.

Orange Blossoms are intimate, intoxicating and inviting, evoking kindness, trust and tranquility.

Orange is alert and assertive, evoking a sense of bright energetic expression.

Peppermint is optimistic and invigorating, cooling and clarifying.

Redwood is expansive, majestic and peaceful. In its towering beauty, it asks one to seek a higher perspective in any situation.

Rose Geranium has a trusting and loving spirit. It is playful and open, tolerant of all beings and emotions.

Rose is the essence of beauty, compassion and love.

Rosemary is the essence of a garden, holding all memories and wisdom in its evergreen arms.

Spearmint is joyful and clear, uplifting and peaceful. Spearmint has incredible mood elevating properties making it an excellent hydrosol to add to your diffuser in the morning.

Sweet Annie is bright, embracing and supportive, providing a protective energy to set boundaries both personal and emotional. It also repels insects and other pests, both metaphorical and literal.

Tea Tree is energetically and physically cleansing, uplifting both the mind and body alike.

Tulsi is the energy of renewal. It is both calming and energizing, reminding one that the balance between rest and play is essential. Tulsi has an incredibly intoxicating scent that is pleasant to almost everyone.

White Sage is pure, spiritual and deep, a master plant for inner work and transformation. Create a clear and energetic atmosphere by adding this hydrosol to your diffuser.

Yerba Santa means "holy herb" supporting one in processing and releasing grief on the path to self-awakening.

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