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Discover Hydrosols: The Essence of a Plant

The belief held by many early alchemists regarding the intelligence of water within plants and their approach to distillation is a fascinating concept. The notion that the cellular water inside a plant contains the essence of their spirit and healing potential, gives rise to the healing wisdom of hydrosols.

Hydrosols are far more simple facial toners; they are living, vibrant expressions of the plants themselves, each possessing a unique and potent message of their healing potential.

Hydrosols are a testament to the beauty of transformation in the natural world. Through the application of heat and steam, these precious waters are distilled and the reorganization of the compounds in the plant emerge on a different level. They arise as something both similar and different from their original plant selves, encapsulating the essence of the plant in a new, potent form.

These remarkable hydrosols have the potential to bring about healing and have the power to inspire awe and appreciation for the wonders of life on our magnificent blue planet. Their discovery and application have truly changed our lives, unlocking an entire new world of plant gifts to explore.


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