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How to use your GARA hydrosol

Ode to their natural acidity, hydrosols help to protect and rejuvenate the skin while maintaining the delicate pH balance. Produced through slow distillation of fresh harvested plant materials using a copper alembic still, each GARA hydrosol possesses a unique set of attributes and uses.

Here are some creative ways to incorporate the benefits of hydrosols into your daily routine:

Facial Toner: Gently mist hydrosol onto your face, neck, and chest after cleansing. This will not only refresh your skin but also provide a nourishing aromatherapeutic boost, helping to maintain a healthy complexion and a clear mind.
OUR FAVORITES: Rose Geranium, Helichrysum, Chamomile, Tulsi

Aromatherapy and Aura Mist: Use your hydrosol as an aura or aromatherapy mist. A few spritzes can help create a calming or invigorating atmosphere, depending on the botanical essence of your chosen hydrosol.
OUR FAVORITES: Black Sage, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, MugwortLavender

Hair and Scalp Tonic: Apply your hydrosol to your hair and scalp. It feels divine and may act as a natural conditioner, promoting healthy hair and a revitalized scalp.
OUR FAVORITES: Chamomile for light hair, Rosemary for dark hair, Cedarwood

Cooling Mist and After-Sun Spray: Refrigerate your hydrosol for a refreshing cooling mist. It's also a soothing option as an after-sun spray to calm and hydrate sun-exposed skin.
OUR FAVORITES: Peppermint, Calendula, Rose

Baths and Foot Soaks: Add your hydrosol to your bathwater or foot soak for a therapeutic experience. The botanical infusion can enhance relaxation and provide aromatherapy benefits.
OUR FAVORITES: White Sage, Juniper, Lemongrass, California Sagebrush

Clay Masks: Mix your hydrosol with any powdered clay mask in place of plain water. This not only adds a delightful scent but also imparts the beneficial properties of the hydrosol to your skincare routine.
OUR FAVORITES: Lemon, Bay Laurel, Grapefruit, Tea Tree

Linen and Room Spray: Use your hydrosol as a linen spray to infuse your sheets and towels with a fresh, natural aroma. It can also be employed as a room spray to create a soothing ambiance throughout your living spaces.
OUR FAVORITES: Gardenia, Orange, Lemon Verbena, Cleveland Sage

Child-Friendly Uses: Hydrosols are often considered safe for children. They can be used as a calming agent to ease tantrums, sprayed on scabby knees to aid in healing, or applied to bug bites to soothe discomfort.
OUR FAVORITES: Hummingbird Sage, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender

Natural Insect Repellent: Many hydrosols have natural insect repellent properties. Mist arms, legs and face before adventuring in the great outdoors.
OUR FAVORITES: California Sagebrush, Sweet Annie, Tea Tree, Cedarwood

In the Kitchen: Add 1tsp to any beverage for an exciting flavor twist or use them in mocktails, salad dressings, deserts and more. Many of our hydrosols have incredible medicinal properties and they taste wonderful too! 
OUR FAVORITES: Orange Blossom, Tulsi, Bay Laurel, Spearmint, Rosemary

A note about ingestion:
While hydrosols are primarily known for their external uses and aromatic benefits today, they were originally prescribed as daily tonics in many ancient herbal traditions. This practice, when done cautiously and under expert guidance, involves consuming small amounts of hydrosols diluted in water. This practice is believed to harness the plant's therapeutic and energetic properties which help to support various physical and emotional needs.

Many hydrosols are not only medicinal but also delicious and aromatic, boasting subtle, natural flavors that can be an enticing addition to water. Incorporating hydrosols into mocktails provides a delightful and refreshing beverage, enhancing hydration while offering a unique and alcohol-free experience.

It is crucial to emphasize that not all hydrosols are safe for internal use, and it is wise to consult with a knowledgeable herbalist or healthcare practitioner to ensure safety and effectiveness. As GARA hydrosols are made with pure mountain water and fresh, organic plant material, it is up to you to decide if consumption in moderation (total of less than 3 tsp per day, always diluted) is right for you. A spritz in your mouth or a few drops in a glass of water is enough to experience the full array of the plant's essence and potency.

Incorporating hydrosols into your daily rituals can be a delightful and holistic way to benefit from the healing potential and unique characteristics of these botanical wonders. Their natural properties make them a versatile addition to your skincare, aromatherapy, and well-being practices.


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