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Welcome to Grass and Root Apothecary, born out of our love and curiosity for medicinal plants. What began as a personal passion soon flourished into a venture that reached beyond our close circles, and now stands before you as GARA.

Our mission is rooted in the well-being of our planet and the health of the plants that grace our creations. Many of the herbs in our formulations are grown by our own hands, forging an essential connection with nature's remarkable process. We meticulously source all ingredients directly from small, organic cultivators, ensuring potency and purity with unwavering dedication. Each of our formulations is crafted with a plant-based, 100% organic approach, embracing the art of seasonal processing.

In harmony with our commitment to the earth, we create powerful herbal compositions that we humbly offer to our cherished community. Our focus rests on quality over quantity, honoring nature's cyclical rhythm, and preserving the ancient wisdom of plant medicine.


At GARA, we embrace the body's innate defense and regenerative mechanisms for comprehensive skin and body wellness. Our approach to personal care is rooted in the whole being, meticulously selecting each ingredient with utmost consideration. By attuning ourselves to cues from the skin, the body's largest organ, we embark on a journey towards potential recovery and harmonious balance.

Our commitment to craftsmanship is highlighted in every batch we create – seasonal, distinctive, and handcrafted. From sowing the seeds to tending the garden, harvesting and processing herbs from our micro-farm, we engage in sustainable, slow skincare, cherishing every step of the process. Additionally, we collaborate with other dedicated organic cultivators to access more specific or unique herbs that complement our formulations.

Embracing the wisdom of traditional practices, we use miron violet glass for our solar infusions and employ a copper alembic still to distill each hydrosol. Many of our hydrosols are derived from plants native to Southern California, and all are distilled from fresh plant material. Our commitment to purity remains unwavering, crafting each hydrosol to be in its truest form.

In this harmonious blend of nature and knowledge, we invite you to experience the essence of GARA – where the finest ingredients and heartfelt dedication converge to elevate your well-being, naturally.

hemp in gara garden


We believe in fostering a connection with the plant spirit, allowing nature to nurture and sustain. Rather than perceiving the plant as solely healing the body, consider it as a partner on your healing journey. This perspective underscores the remarkable power of cannabis, which addresses both physical and emotional/spiritual facets of well-being.

Cannabis initiates an internal dialogue, prompting introspection across the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Recognize that everyone's cannabinoid metabolism is unique, making fixed dosing rules obsolete. Instead, we encourage you to attune to your body and mind, taking an active role in your healing.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
- Aristotle

Within each cannabis strain, a rich tapestry of nearly 500 compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, interplays to produce a diverse array of effects. Some compounds amplify the euphoric properties of cannabinoids, while others facilitate their absorption or even mitigate their psychoactive potential.






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Where do GARA's ingredients come from?

We grown many of the herbs we use in our own gardens ensuring only the most powerful and potent plants make it into our formulations.

Additionally, source all of our ingredients as locally as possible, always organically grown, free from any sprays or chemical fertilizers.

You can read more about our ingredients and sourcing here.

Is GARA available for workshops at retreats and private events?

Yes! We would be honored and delighted to be a part of your private event or retreat. Send us an email with more details about your event and what you would like us to create for you here.

Does GARA make and offer non-CBD products?

Yes! Our hydrosols are entirely free from cannabinoids. These exquisite offerings provide a wonderful option for those looking to avoid CBD.

Additionally, we often offer seasonal non-CBD skin care products that cater to various preferences and needs. Explore our diverse selection to find the perfect match for your skincare routine here.