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What is a hydrosol?

A hydrosol, also referred to as hydrolat, distillate, or floral water, is a botanical product resulting from the process of steam or hydrodistillation. These exceptional substances are essentially aqueous solutions infused with the essence of plants, capturing their aromatic and therapeutic qualities in a liquid form. The production of hydrosols begins with fresh plant materials, such as aromatic herbs, flowers, or other botanicals, which are suitable to the distillation process.

During distillation, steam is passed through the plant material, causing the release of various volatile compounds, including essential oils, plant acids, and water-soluble constituents. The resulting vapor, a mixture of water and these aromatic and bioactive components, is then condensed and collected as the hydrosol. What makes hydrosols truly special is that they contain not only the aromatic microparticles of essential oils but also the cellular water from the plant itself, which retains the elemental essence and an imprint of the plant's awareness. A true hydrosol distilled of fresh plant material can contain up to 40% of the cellular water from the plant.

This unique combination of microparticles of essential oil and water-soluble compounds is responsible for the hydrosol's distinctive aroma and therapeutic effects. These gentle yet potent liquids offer a milder alternative to pure essential oils and can be used for various purposes, such as skincare, aromatherapy, or even as a fragrant mist to uplift the spirit. Hydrosols are a testament to the power of nature's wisdom, capturing the holistic essence of plants in a form that is both versatile and nurturing.



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