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Our distillation process

We offer a truly unique and artisanal approach to distillation, focused exclusively on crafting pure hydrosols rather than essential oils. Our commitment to this craft sets us apart from commercially produced hydrosols, which often pale in comparison to the depth and richness of our distillates. Our slow and deliberate distillation process is dedicated to capturing the true essence of living, vibrant plants. We recognize that the life force of the plant lies not so much in the essential oil but in the hydrosol itself.

Our distillation process is a mindful, deliberate dance with nature. We believe in the alchemical magic that happens when we distill slowly and at lower temperatures. This patient, slow approach allows us to coax the essence from each plant in a way that honors the integrity of the botanicals and preserves their intricate flavors and aromas. Our meticulous process ensures that every hydrosol we create is a symphony of scent and vibration, capturing the very essence of the plants in a way that is both profound and unparalleled.

 Our secret ingredient, the lifeblood of our distillation process, is pure mountain water sourced from a pristine well in the Ojai Valley. This water, naturally alkaline and structurally complete, serves as the nurturing medium that breathes life into our hydrosols.

Many commercially available hydrosols are clear and lack the energetic character that makes a genuine hydrosol stand out. Our commitment is to produce hydrosols that are rich, nuanced, and often exhibit a milky or cloudy appearance. This unique quality is a testament to the authentic botanical richness we strive to preserve.

We approach each distillation as a journey through the senses, a harmonious exploration of each alchemical element – earth, metal, fire, water, and air. It commences with the evocative scent of the first drops of distillate, a promise of what's to come. As the process unfolds, the alchemist encounters the tactile sensations of steam and liquid, scent and heat, inviting one to use all of their senses to distill. Alchemists, the intrepid seekers of knowledge and transformation, can hone this craft with dedication, patience, and a keen focus. Distillation transcends the physical realm; it is an act of consciousness and creativity, a dance with nature's elements.

Intriguingly, the very elements that converge to create a hydrosol serve as a metaphorical guide for navigating the labyrinthine corridors of our internal emotional landscapes.


  • Earth, the plant material and soil where it is grown represents stability, offering us a deep reflection of the self through Mother Earth. 
  • Metal symbolizes transformation, the container that holds all of the potential for change in its chaos and in its beauty.  
  • Fire embodies the driving force of change, the energy that burns away anything that is no longer giving life. Turned to ash, the most basic of elements, a new beginning is possible. 
  • Water signifies the flowing currents of emotion, the life-giving yet paradoxically most powerful solvent that dissolves and carries the essence of life within it. 
  • Air, the invisible force that gives life and whispers the ethereal truths. Air and water become one as steam, the moment before it is captured and condensed.  


The process of distillation not only produces physical distillates but also serves as a metaphorical guide for unraveling both our internal and external entanglements, unveiling truths previously hidden.

In essence, the history of distillation and the creation of hydrosols is a tapestry woven with threads of tradition, science, and artistry. It beckons us to explore the depths of the Earth's wisdom, offering a profound connection to the natural world and a mirror to our own inner realms, where transformation and revelation take place.

As we continue to grow in the heart of the Ojai Valley, we invite you to be part of this journey, a celebration of nature's purest offerings and a deep dive into the alchemy of hydrosol distillation. Uncover the magic hidden within the embrace of these ancient botanical essences.


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