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The Redwood Hydrosol is an ally for expansion, for elevation, a higher perspective. These majestic giants live for thousands of years bearing witness to the change of the seasons, the rising and falling of tides and mountains, mushrooms and birdsong. They admire every sunrise and sunset, holding within their towering spires an entire ecosystem of diverse life. They show us the wisdom of time and the immense power of stillness.

As we distilled this hydrosol and the scent of the redwood forest filled our still room, conversations began to elevate. The subject spiraling into a higher and higher view with every drop that emerged. We became the drop of dew on the leaf, the eagle flying high that perches on its misty branches. We became the wind, the light, the essence of this ancient being and it was felt in every word that was expressed.

What a powerful experience, to bear witness to the alchemical journey of the redwoods life force transmuted into each drop of water, merging with the still as it passed on to a new medium to which would house its spirit. It freely gave its life in plant form to be transformed into the hydrosol which will live on and exude its essence to each one of you.

The Redwood Hydrosol is a tool, an arrow in your quiver as you venture out into the world. May the spirit of the redwood bring peace and stillness to your heart, an expansion of your mind and growth to your emotional awareness. Merge with the great redwood spirit and discover the all-embracing nature that resides in every living being on this earth. Inhale its spirit, its essence. Open your heart and listen. The redwood is talking to you.


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Gift Week 2023 Details

Gift Week 2023 Details

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Redwood Hydrosol

Redwood Hydrosol

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