Today marks the anniversary of my birth and I find myself beaming with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to share the bounties of our gardens with you. The work I am honored to engage in at GARA is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling. Crafting products inspired by the natural world around me and delving into the profound ways in which plants communicate through scent are true passions of mine.

Your presence as a cherished member of GARA is a gift in itself, and as a token of my appreciation on this momentous day, I am delighted to extend a special offering to you.

In the spirit of celebration, we are pleased to include complimentary gifts with every purchase:

Orders totaling up to $99 will receive:

Orange Blossom Hydrosol Sample + 15ml Zen Cream

Orders over $100+ will receive the gifts mentioned above along with an additional bonus: 15ml Hemp Butter

No need for a promotional code, gifts will be automatically included with your order. This special offer is valid until Monday, September 18th, 2023.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, I am so glad you are here. Cheers to embracing a new year with a deeper appreciation for the beauty and wonder of this extraordinary life.

With love,


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