Autumn Equinox

The death of the old story births a new beginning.

IN THE KITCHEN: Hydrosol Infused Sun Tea

The last days of summer always remind me of home. September is my favorite month, the month of my birth but also the month of change. As we round the corner into the autumn season, I have one last ...

NEW Bay Laurel Hydrosol

We are delighted to share with you the Bay Laurel Hydrosol. The Greek name for bay laurel, Laurus nobillis, translates as praise and nobility. In Ancient Greece, bay laurel wreaths were a symbol o...

IN THE KITCHEN: Hydrosol Infused Shrub

Hydrosols are potent and flavorful additions to any summer spritzer. Learn how to make a delicious fruit syrup infused with hydrosols to share and enjoy.

LUGHNASADH // The Grain Mother and The First Harvest

The Grain Mother is both mother and grandmother, embodying all aspects of present and future. She provides sustenance for the present while simultaneously providing seeds to ensure her bloodline li...

IN THE KITCHEN : Hydrosol Ice Cubes

We are delighted to announce our new Journal series, In the Kitchen. This bi-monthly series features recipes and tips about how to incorporate our products into your culinary creations. 

NEW Yarrow + Rosemary Hydrosol

We are delighted to share with you our newest hydrosol Yarrow + Rosemary! This special mist features not one but two medicinal herbs that we distilled together as a codistillation. Each herb has it...

LITHA // Summer Solstice

In celebration of this sacred SUN sabbat, we are hosting a summer solstice giveaway featuring all women-owned and operated companies.

Elder Flower Majesty

The hydrosol has an exquisite taste and boasts many medicinal benefits. The scent sings from the bottle for it is "the tree of music."

Mugwort Dreams

As a gift to you during the month of May, orders over $50 will receive an immunity herb pouch filled with freshly dried mugwort. This dreamtime herb has been abundantly giving and giving in the gar...


Last March, a group of women gathered for a photo shoot. I was recently looking over these photos and wanted to share with you. The depth of the experience is hard to capture in single moments, but...

Jasmine Enfleurage

Enfleurage is a process of extracting aromatic compounds from delicate flowers using animal or vegetable fats. I do hope you love the jasmine enfleurage. May you meet her as I did, vulnerable and t...


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