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Tune in to the earth energy, turn potential into conception. Though we are experiencing physical isolation, we are never alone. We are nature, in sync with the rhythms of the planet on a cellular l...

A note from Emilee + Paul

We will be including a free sanitizer with every order and will be offering this item on our website at a donation-based price. We’re re-using all of the bottles we have on hand and more will be ar...

A Time for Plants // 4.20

It is time to break down the barriers, stereotypes, and flat out falsehoods of prohibition and integrate the extensive modern medical research this plant has been shown to offer.

OSTARA // Spring Equinox

With the current state of the world, we are being asked to pay close attention to our inner and outer worlds. It is a time let go of the things we cannot control and to take responsibility for our ...

Hydrosol and The Skin Microbiome

Our skin can absorb the nutrients and minerals that are found in hydrosol which help to repair environmental or oxidative damage. Microparticles of essential oil are suspended in this milky tonic, ...

Exploring Hydrosols + Aromatherapy

Hydrosols are a gentle form of aromatherapy, rooted in cultural history and mystical use. Many are antibacterial, antiviral and nearly all of them are edible in moderation. Explore the ones that in...


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