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Yarrow is one of the more potent hydrosols and although it's aroma is not particularly pleasant on its own, it has powerful medicinal properties that should not discarded by scent of the hydrosol. So we decided to distill yarrow together with rosemary, the abundant and fragrant garden herb! The hydrosol is incredibly energetic and has a very nice flavor and scent. The rosemary is just strong enough to highlight the musky, dense aspect of the yarrow and together, the two herbs sing harmoniously.

Achillea milleolium is a flowering perennial plant that is native to Europe, Western Asia and North America. Its botanical name refers to a hero in Greek Mythology, Achilles, who was said to have used the plant to stop the bleeding of his wounded soldiers. The word millefolium means “thousand-leaved” in reference to its wispy and directed foliage.


Yarrow is an incredible aromatic flowering plant that has many uses. Like so many other medicinal species mistaken for weeds, yarrow is used in herbal medicine in all of the places where it can be found and has been shown in scientific studies to have great medicinal value. The Achillea species contain many active medicinal compounds that relieve pain and inflammation such as germacrane, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol, and rupicolin B. The plant also contains several monoterpeniods that have pain relieving properties when applied directly to the skin. 

The native Chumash use yarrow as a pain reliever for tooth aches, arthritis, headaches and colds. They also use the plant topically for wound care to alleviate swelling and control hemorrhaging. “We take our medicine softly and neutrally. Sucking on a yarrow leaf gives you the proper dose that the body can absorb. Suck on it until it loses its flavor.” — Cecilia Garcia, Chumash


As a medicinal herb herb, yarrow is used as an antispasmodic for the digestive, reproductive and muscular systems. It is effective when use both used topically and internally for most ailments. Yarrow is a great balancer, helping to stabilize body fluids and release excess water without being overly diuretic. It is commonly used for wound care and is generally effective for dermal infections, acne, and other problematic skin conditions. Yarrow is sometimes used as a douche or sitz bath for endometriosis to help relieve pain.

Most of us are familiar with rosemary, the staple garden herb that grows so abundantly in the garden. One could say yarrow and rosemary have this in common, they give and give and give, even in the dry months, their scents fill the garden. Both plants are drought tolerant and quite hardy in many different landscapes.

Rosmarinus officinalis is commonly used as a culinary herb for its bright, distinct taste. Like yarrow, rosemary has powerful effects on the digestive system, promoting the release of bile and aiding in digesting rich or fatty foods. Topically or internally, rosemary has powerful antioxidant effects. There are several terpenes found in rosemary which can aid memory, focus and attention. It is also said to help curb addiction cravings as it has a mild, pick me up effect. Rosemary is a wonderful skincare herb for acne, body odor or fungal infections.


The Yarrow + Rosemary hydrosol has powerful cleansing and toning properties for the lymphatic system and would work wonderfully when used in conjunction with lymphatic massage. The hydrosol also has mild antibacterial properties from both rosemary and yarrow, which make it an excellent go to for insect bites, minor wounds, acne or other dermal infections.

I find the hydrosol to be quite energetic, yet somehow soothing both topically and emotionally. I have developed a relationship with these plants over the last few years and the hydrosol is better than I could have imagined. It is very soft, both in texture and in nature. I find it energetically comforting and quite powerful in its medicinal effects. This hydrosol can be taken internally in moderation and with caution. A little goes a long way with this hydrosol, I have found it to be incredible healing for me personally.



Sweet and soft, distinctly Rosemary with a slight musk note

Aromatic strength: Strong

A mental and physical energizer
Cleanses and tones the lymphatic system
Soothes environmental stress from wind/sun
Potent digestive aid, topically and internally
Promotes shiny hair and healthy skin/scalp
Powerful antioxidant, internal and external
Great for soothing acne, dermal infections and insect bites
Combats sinus congestion
Helps ease seasonal allergy symptoms





Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty
Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West by James Adams, Michelle Wong, Enrique Villaseñor

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