We’ve taken two of the most powerful skin healing herbs and distilled them together into one incredible hydrosol. This co-distillation of Helichrysum and Rose Geranium brings together both musk and floral in the most beautiful way. The hydrosol is highly aromatic and energetic, boasting notes of bright rose, burnt honey and maple. It’s heaven in a bottle.



Rose geranium is one of the top skin care waters for balancing oil production. It’s gentle toning and adaptogenic properties make it an excellent every day hydrosol for face and body regardless of skin type. Rose geranium is known as a humectant, which means it helps to draw in and retain moisture. This in turn, nourishes and restores environmentally stressed or damaged skin.

Helichrysum has been used for centuries as topical healing herb, so much so that it has earned the notorious nickname, immortelle. Helichrysum contains powerful antioxidants and terpenes which help to nourish and regenerate skin cells. It has long been used to restore vitality and elasticity and was one of the most sought after beauty herbs in ancient Egyptian cultures. Helichrysum has been used to aid in healing scar tissue after injuries or surgeries and has natural calming properties.

When these two herbs came together in the still, something magical happened. The floral rose geranium is perfectly balanced with the dry musky scent of the helichrysum. The texture of the hydrosol is silky smooth, packed with essential oils and other water-soluble compounds. It is balanced energetically and the plants themselves sing from the bottle with each mist. 






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