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Blessings to you on this Spring Equinox!

Spring is officially here and today we celebrate the return of the Sun King. The Goddess is pregnant, her belly just beginning to show. The transformation is just barely visible, as the soil begins to peek through the snow blades of grass will soon emerge with tenacity and the buds on the trees will soon burst forth with the immense energy of life that paints the world green in the months of April and May. For three days, the day is equal to the night. And for three days, the world stands in perfect balance with the light and the dark. We sit in limbo, in perfect balance, just before the world comes back to life. 

The energy surrounding the equinox supports completion and this year especially, it feels like we are near the end of a chapter in global history that changed the story forever. It is a potent time for ritual and release, a time to work with balance on every level. Where do you feel balanced in your life? Where do you feel unbalanced? Can you explore these questions without judgement or comparison? Can you feel into your body, where it feels balanced/unbalanced physically or mentally? These are simply questions I am asking myself today. This equinox is an opportunity to sit with the concepts of balance for 3 days.

We are just now emerging from the weird and watery world of Pisces. It may take a few days to welcome the new energy of Aries and what a perfect opportunity the equinox gives us to integrate all of the gems that Pisces gave us. For me, this past year was really the first time I was able to tune into of the astrological signs throughout the year. AND WOW! What an incredible gift, a map of sorts for navigating the energies of the year. I have only skimmed the surface of the depth this practice has to offer, but I am already so grateful.

One year ago, we crossed this axis point at a time of the unknown, a time when no one felt like celebrating. We were collectively, globally, going through an experience together. The magnitude of this collective experience is ongoing, as if we all somehow synced up on this weird and wild amusement park ride. I ponder the significance of this event, beyond the real world consequences which are playing themselves out each day. How does this collective event ripple through our psyche?

Today, on Ostara, I will celebrate more intimately. I will dance with my ancestors in dreams, lighting bonfires in our hearts and singing praise to the return of the Sun King. I will celebrate the pregnant Goddess, who is the giver of life, the vessel of creation. I will embrace the darkness, grieve and release that which came before, all that is no longer alive and present. I will celebrate in spirit with all of those who choose to join me there. 

However you choose to celebrate today, bring balance into both worlds. The physical and the spiritual. The emotional and the ephemeral. Work with the balance that is so present in our physical world to bring balance to other aspects of your life.

You can read more about the origins and traditions of Ostara here



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Love to you all!
Ostara Blessings!


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