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Today marks a point of balance, when the day and the night are equal in length. We cross this point at a time when things feel unbalanced and unknown. Here we have an opportunity to use this energy of change to begin a new cycle. Equinoxes support completion, marking the end of the darkest part of the year. The days grow longer each day and the first seedlings begin to grow.

This axis point on the Wheel of the Year is named after the Germanic goddess, Ostara/Eostre. She is the goddess of fertility, re-birth and renewal. Traditionally celebrated during the month of April, this goddess is associated with the symbol of the Hare. Much of the modern Easter celebrations are derived from this celestial tradition.

In Celtic lore, the Hare is a totem for the Goddess and is strongly connected to the moon. The nocturnal Hare and the moon were believed to die each night and be reborn each day. This represents the rebirth of spring, ushering in a time of new beginnings. The Hare is a symbol for fertility and abundance as it is known that the hare can conceive while she is pregnant. Over the centuries, the Hare of Ostara has become a new story - the Easter Bunny who brings eggs to children on Easter morning - which is also the Christian day of resurrection.

The egg is a symbol of new life. It represents the rebirth and awakening of the Earth. The egg illustrates balance, both masculine and feminine, light and dark, inner and outer. The yolk embodies the Golden Sun God who is engulfed by the White Goddess, the divine feminine light.

woman holding egg in hands

The egg and the Hare meet on Ostara by way of a traditional myth.

"A long time ago, the Animal Kingdom gathered to honor the Goddess of Spring. Each creature prepared a special gift for the Goddess they loved and adored. Hare looked high and low for the best gift he could find and alas, all he could find was an egg. If this was all he had, he would offer it with love and adornment. Hare thoughtfully decorated the egg for the Goddess he loved so dearly. When she finally arrived, all of the creatures gathered. One by one, they each gave their gift to the Goddess. Hare grew nervous, comparing his lowly egg to the silver and jewels that were presented to the Goddess by others. When it was his turn, he bowed in awe and humility and presented his egg. The Goddess lovingly accepted his gift and in that moment, she saw the true spirit of the Hare. His willingness to give everything he had with a generous heart.

We can clearly see how these ancient practices change and evolve into something different over time and even now, they are taking on a new meaning. It is fascinating to read about the origins of these holidays and celebrations, to see how many of the original symbols or ideas remain intact in some form.

Though you might not feel like celebrating, I encourage you to take some time today to honor balance. Honor the equinox, the equilibrium of the light and the dark. This moment feels more potent than ever and gives us an opportunity to step into balance. With the current state of the world, we are being asked to pay close attention to our inner and outer worlds. It is a time let go of the things we cannot control and to take responsibility for our own actions. Honor the completion of the old paradigm as a new global awareness is emerging. Harness the powerful energy of this time to move through resistance or fear. Everything has its place, and today we glimpse perfect celestial balance.

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