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As many of you know, I love making seasonal products. Throughout the year, I am experimenting and dreaming up new formulations that can be made using locally sourced ingredients and materials. I generally perfect one special product that we gift to you during the holidays but this year, we’re trying something new. I have SO many ideas and formulations that I want to share with you and so we have decided to put together a limited edition bundle that will launch each season. Our first seasonal bundle is called WINTER LOVE and oh, it is just that!

Though it feels like spring is near here in Southern California, we are still in the depths of winter. We lovingly embrace the season of going inward, of rest and replenishment which is why we have created this bundle just for you. Our WINTER LOVE bundle celebrates going deeper into the parts of our physical and emotional bodies that need attention and love this time of year. We invite you to get intimate, with yourself or with a partner.

The WINTER LOVE bundle includes our seasonal Bee Balm, a Ritual Intentions Kit and an Orange Blossom Hydrosol.


Back by popular demand is our seasonal Bee Balm. This delicious face and body moisturizer is a multi-use skincare salve made from just 5 simple ingredients sourced from the Ojai Valley. The Bee Balm is an oil-based salve, designed to lock in moisture during these dry, winter months. It can also be used as a deeply nourishing hand and foot cream, lick-able lip conditioner, hair styling salve, wound and burn ointment, personal lubricant and more. Any skin care woe that ails you, this is balm is the antidote. It’s gentle yet effective, suitable for children and pets too! For added hydration, mist liberally with hydrosol before application. We found this 2-step hydration ritual to be so effective that we have added our favorite and most popular hydrosol to this bundle, Orange Blossom.


As they are naturally acidic, hydrosols have the power to protect and repair the skin while providing nourishment and balance. We distill fresh orange blossoms, harvested in season, with a copper alembic still. The Orange Blossom hydrosol is unique and intoxicating, boasting notes of fresh florals with grape and fruity after tones. The scent of the hydrosol uplifts mood and balances emotions. When applied topically, this hydrosol hydrates and tones the skin, helping to restore the skin’s natural vitality and elasticity. The aroma of orange blossoms evokes focus and concentration, especially in children and young adults. It supports physical and emotional detoxification and can be a great ally for working with changing habits of addiction. Internally, orange blossoms are said to help calm the nervous system and caffeine jitters. The taste is exquisite, try a spritz in your water bottle or directly in your mouth!



In honor of the season of love in this brief moment before spring blooms, our WINTER LOVE bundle also includes a Ritual Intentions kit. For me personally, I am in no shape to begin anything new on January 1. It takes a month or two before I can feel the wind in my sails again and for me, the first week of February is a great time to begin a new. The Ritual Intentions kit is a tool to help guide you into intention and ritual for a new year.

Prepare a physical space for ceremony. Clear your mind and set your intentions. Place a spoonful in a non-flammable dish. Flame and burn with intent for 30 seconds then blow out. Let smoke fill the space.

There are several other ways to use your Ritual Intentions Kit. You can open the jar and simply let the aroma fill the space. You can place a teaspoon in a cotton bag to carry the scent of Ojai wherever you go. Add a few teaspoons to your bath for an intentional soak. Bury a pinch in the earth as tribute. Release into a flowing stream and serene lake. However the plants speak to you, let your intuition guide your ritual.

The WINTER LOVE ritual

Draw yourself a hot bath. Set up the space with candles, music, whatever makes you feel the most relaxed and luxurious. Add some of the Ritual Intention herbs to a non-flammable dish. With intention, light your incense and let flame for 30 seconds. Gently blow out the flame and let the smoke fill the space. Take a moment here to unwind, follow your breath to your own inner space a relaxation and bliss.

Then, add a pinch of these herbs to your bath along with epson salts, fresh or dried flowers and a teaspoon of hydrosol. Soak with intention for the allotted time of your choosing before pulling the plug and letting all of your woes go down the drain. Gently pat dry with a clean towel.

If you don’t have time for a bath, or don’t have a bath tub, you can enjoy a steamy shower instead!


After your bath or shower, spritz face, neck and body with hydrosol. Take a moment here and let your intentions sink in, deeper and deeper. Let the uplifting aroma of orange blossoms transport your mind and body to the most calm and serene place. Your own inner retreat.

While skin is still dewy with hydrosol, apply a thin layer of Bee Balm to face, neck and body. A light application on top of the hydrosol helps to lock in moisture. The Bee Balm is nectar to the skin, providing nourishment to your body and mind alike.

You can perform this ritual daily after cleansing or anytime your skin needs a boost! If you would like to go explore intimacy with yourself or with another, the Bee Balm can also be used as a personal lubricant or massage balm. It has the perfect texture with just a little grip! Go deeper into intimacy with the Ritual Intentions Kit with yourself or with a partner. Voice your intentions to each other before burning or burying some of the herbs.


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