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Ritual Intentions Kit


Perform a ritual as an offering or a request for guidance. You can use the loose incense for clearing, cleansing and personal healing. Let your intuition guide you.

Loose incense from the Ojai Valley made with Cedar wood, Rosemary, White Sage, Mullein, Rose and Lavender


Prepare a physical space for ceremony. Clear your mind and set your intentions. Place a spoonful in a non-flammable dish. Flame and burn with intent for 30 seconds then blow out. Let smoke fill the space. 

There are several other ways to use your Ritual Intentions Kit. You can open the jar and simply let the aroma fill the space. You can place a teaspoon in a cotton bag to carry the scent of Ojai wherever you go. Add a few teaspoons to your bath for an intentional soak. Bury a pinch in the earth as tribute. 

With intention, pay attention.






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