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As we experienced with Ostara, the spring equinox, we are again on the cusp of transition. The year begins to wane and from this moment on, the darkness begins to defeat the light. The natural world progresses on towards completion. The trees slowly shift their energy from their leaves to their roots in preparation for winter. The green of summer now fades into the fiery red and ember orange gold of autumn. We are reminded of the impermanence of things, that all of life is a cycle of death and rebirth.

The Earth Goddess begins to age and we celebrate her today as the Harvest Queen. She has given us many gifts - we celebrated her on Lammas as the Grain Mother. With each passing day, she grows older, eventually becoming the Crone. Her gradual transition into the underworld begins now. The Green Man slowly dies after this day, offering his last gift as the harvest of the final grain of wheat. 

 It is a time of celebration, a time to reflect on the summer months and give thanks the fruit brought forth by countless hours of labor. The community gathers to share in the feast of the second harvest. Each person takes the time to rest, relax and enjoy what the summer has brought forth. We pay tribute to the Sun God, thanking him for blessing us with light and energy. 



On Mabon, we honor death and celebrate life in the same day. This echos the theme of balance, not by coincidence but by natural design. We must honor the darkness as much as the light, both internally and externally. The equinox is a particularly important solar holiday as it beckons the first sign of the winter to come. 

Whether physically or metaphorically, honor this transition in some way that is meaning full for you. Blessings on this Harvest Mabon!


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