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"These film explorations arrived from the ethers, mostly without asking for them to. I thought they came to help me, but really I was only asked to be a conduit to offer a few moments to the heart and to the soul. In the pursuit of the magic and  mysteries of life. According to the laws of beauty, creation and imagination. and perhaps most importantly, feeling."  -- Ron Hamad

Ron Hamad is an incredible human. Someone you meet and immediately know, he is art. His films exude an essence deeply rooted in nature, connected to light and shadow, sound and movement. His eye in film reflects his inner eye, the vision he brings to the screen. Ron and Paul have been friends for years - a friendship blossomed of work and creation. After Paul and I started GARA, Ron once more, gravitated into our lives. We exchanged emails for weeks - many which inspired deep conversations outside of the realm of film and skincare. His desire to create something with us grew and we fell upon a weekend together in Ojai. Together with Ruby Carlson, a talented editor and photographer from Los Angles, they brought our story to life.

It is an absolute pleasure to share his recent work with you here. This short film is compilation of work by Ron and Ruby. I am so grateful for the opportunity to know this wonderful human, and to share his artistry with you. Listen, just listen.

Ron Hamad
Ruby Carlson



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Kera Thompson

So beautiful Emilee! Reverence is what weaves us together. I love that!
I want to come visit over the summer and learn from you! I’ve enjoyed these posts so much.

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