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We are here because a woman loved. A woman felt. A woman laid herself bare. We are nourished because a woman cared for us, a woman sacrificed for us. We continue as a human race because women make a choice to bring life into the world. The sheer strength of a woman can be found in her enduring heart, her undeniable strength, the quiet knowing of her mind, the fervent curiosity, effortless sensuality, and mostly her uncanny ability to rise from the ashes. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman finding her freedom, surrendering to the callings of her soul whatever they may be. Innovators, literary masters, engineers, mothers, poets, designers, biologists, herbalists...each of us unique, each of us navigating a world that has devalued us since the beginning of time. I bow to you. I bow to the light that radiates from the core of your being. Women, with all our curves and edges, our bright eyes, and our cunning minds... you all are a masterpiece. 

Today a group of us would like to gift one of you an array of goods and services curated by Michelle Nicole Gerrard. This incredible woman is a poet, artist, chef and so much more. She has a gift for creating community, it just comes naturally for her. Michelle asked each of us to share our stories about becoming a women entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy!

The International Womens Day Giveaway includes gifts from

1. Follow all accounts on Instagram
2. Tag a woman who has inspired your life on our post
3. Share to your stories for extra entries

Giveaway active from March 8th-March 12th, 2021. Winner will be announced on Instagram.
Thank you for your continued support dear friends. And good luck!





We are offering a Travel Set (Hemp Butter, Menthol Rub, Herbal Balm minis), Youth Serum and Clary Sage Hydrosol 

Michelle Nicole Gerrard is offering one copy of her collection of poems called "Bruised Fruit", a one hour creative writing session and one custom vegan treat made to order

Timbre is offering a copy of Michelle Obama's book "Becoming" and a Timbre Tote

Findings Market is offering a gift bundle that includes Le Bon Shoppe Cloud Socks, Root Elixirs Craft Cocktail Mix, Everyday Oil, Wooden Spoon Herbals Country Women Bath Soak, Palate Polish Nail Polish and a Rowsie Vain Sage Bundle

Julia Corbett is offering a personal one-on-one 60 minute, creative mentorship session. "We will speak on your visions and dreams, initiate your creative fire to open up and expand, get inspired by nature and help to transform your thoughts into action! Join me in reclaiming your sovereign being, your heart and body, honoring and offering your service back to the earth."

Ojai Wild is offering a Chamomile and Tonka Bean Candle; a balsamic-floral effusion of spring chamomile flowers dusted with benzoin resin and tonka bean, freshly harvested from our Ojai CA farm, hand-poured in-house and infused with flower dust

Feser Cold Springs is offering a flowered smudge stick.

Aireal Yoga is offering one month of on-demand Yoga and AIReal Yoga classes. Discover new classes to support your busy lifestyle, with unlimited access to a library of yoga and aerial yoga classes. Enjoy accessible yoga for all levels with a variety of class types, wherever you are.

Christina P. Kantzavelos is offering one sustainable spiral-bound version of the Begin Within Wellness journal. Begin Within is a daily healing journal for those living life with chronic illness, mental illness or other health-related challenges. This journal allows you to document everything from your vitals to your nutrition, mood, medications, symptoms, challenges, and accomplishments (big and small), with a focus on gratitude. Documenting such information is helpful for healthcare appointments and makes a great reference for recalling specific information written down, as well as noting any progress. Journaling daily is wonderful for one's own mental health and can provide valuable insight and support on your path to wellness.

Candace Larson is offering a beautiful print entitled "To Be A Woman"

Olivia Sanford is offering 4 photography prints shot on 35mm film

Alexandra Ofstedal is offering a personal womb healing session 

Finding Vettey is offering the original product that started her business, an Otomi Facemask

Angela Mayhoe is offering one knit item including Mayhoe Made custom knit to order pieces

Albany Katz is offering one 8x10 color print from a select grouping of landscape images she has taken at National Parks across the US. The winner will be able to choose the image they want to be printed.

Noah's Garden Creations is offering a $30 gift credit

Ratboi is offering a hair clip and a scrunchie

Lark Ellen Farm is offering a trio of Pate, one bag granola and one bag trail mix

Jen Luce is offering a mini self-love portrait session

Alexis Smart is offering a bottle of her "In Love" flower remedy


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