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Hydrosols are a gentle form of aromatherapy, rooted in cultural history and mystical use. The alchemists first distilling hydrosols believed they were able to capture the essence of the plant, the life force and elemental imprint of the plant itself. There is a magic there, an ethereal aspect for the use of these aromatic waters far beyond their practical application. The delicate scent which is captured and translated eloquently, with emotion, depth and purpose.

Scent has the power to unlock deep emotions, hidden in the subconscious mind. Our sense of smell is the only sense we have that is not “filtered” by the mind. Touch, taste, hearing and seeing are all processed by the mind in a different way which results in a very measurable filtration system. This is why we don’t generally “feel” clothing on our skin in our main stream of consciousness. It’s how we can hone into a voice across the room, one we recognize with a certain familiarity. The brain has a magnificent way of exposing or dulling our senses depending on our conscious state of mind.

A scent goes directly to the lymbic system, our emotional processing center in the brain. Each scent is purely subjective, speaking directly to the individual in an entirely unique way. One might find beauty in a scent where another senses darkness. Our singular experience dictates the way we respond to a scent. Herein lyes the beauty and true potential of hydrosols. Their gentle language which connects the conscious with the subconscious and the unconscious to each individual on a different level. If one can observe, allow and discern the emotions and feelings activated by a particular scent, the roadmap begins to unfold.

On a material scientific level, hydrosols contain a multitude of organic compounds. Micro-particles of the most volatile terpenes are dissolved into the water, creating a cloudy, often milky, solution. Once the total saturation limit is reached, the additional terpenes coagulate usually on top of the hydrosol as “essential oils.” This generally acidic solution also contains plant acids, minerals and other water soluble compounds. It’s pH is relatively close to the pH of our skin and helps to balance oil production, regulating both dry and oily skin constitutions. Many are antibacterial, antiviral and nearly all of them are edible in moderation.

Their application goes far beyond skincare and aromatherapy. Hydrosols can be used as a linen spray, natural hand sanitizer, and fabric softener. They are naturally diluted and generally safe for all ages, plants and pets too! Hydrosols such as cedar wood and marigold work well as insect deterrents. Lavender and rose for a linen spray. Chamomile as a calming tonic for children and adults alike. Chamomile hydrosol is also a natural remedy for teething babies, tough bedtime woes and overall soothing solution for children. There are so many applications for each individual hydrosol. Explore the ones that interest you, the ones that grab your attention or speak to you directly through their scent. No matter how you use them, their results are lasting, measurable and natural.


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