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I see a vibrant community coming together to fill the needs of those around us. Virtual yoga classes, concerts, poetry reading and group support chats. I’m inspired by this new turn in technology and how we relate to the world. It is during this time that we have the opportunity to shift the paradigm. Rather than marketing our products, I’m called to ask a much bigger question.How can we get these products to those in need? How can we support our community, you, who who are truly the life blood of our business?

The solution that sits most comfortably with me now is to offer the products I'm making and using personally with you all. We’ve created a simple sanitizing spray made with antibacterial hydrosols and pharmaceutical grade alcohol. This spray can be used as a hand sanitizer, for use on surfaces such as steering wheels, door handles, toys, cell phones, shopping carts and more. It’s gentle yet effective, safe for children and pets.


donation based hand sanitizer in reusable bottles from gara skincare



We will be including a free sanitizer with every order and will be offering this item on our website at a donation-based price. We’re re-using all of the bottles we have on hand and more will be arriving next week. If you know someone who is in need of this product, please send us an email. We have given bottles to many local businesses and offer them to anyone in need for free.



We have new products in cue for launch this year and still plan to release them in a timely manner. In addition to those products we have been working on, we will be offering various herbal concoctions that can support us all during these turbulent times. We have Chaga mushroom on it’s way from our friends in Canada and will be tincturing as soon as it arrives. The elderberries are just starting to form, ripening in the coming weeks for harvest and preparation. We are currently harvesting and drying all of the nettle we can, to share as tea and in our upcoming oxymel release. The seeds are sprouting and we’re preparing the garden for spring. Even in trying times, I find that nature provides wholistic solutions, plenty of options and answers to questions we have not yet asked.

As an experimental herbalist, I have tincture supplies readily available. I’ve been in close communication with our cultivars, ensuring this years crop is more diverse and robust to better serve you all. If there is something specific you are looking for, please reach out. If we don’t have what you need, we might know someone who does. If I have the supplies on hand, I will gladly formulate something specifically for you. Questions, concerns or just want to check in, send us an email.


We’re here for you.


With love,

Emilee + Paul

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