Join us SATURDAY, September 15, 2018 for a LIVE hydrosol distillation at Sunstream Goods grand opening!

6-9 pm In the garden

205 N. Signal Street, Ojai, CA

Live music, tarot readings and much more! We will be harvesting rose geranium and distilling on site for all to see! Come and learn more about hydrosol distillation.

Experience the art of distillation with all of your senses!


garden party with cbd hemp organic skincare products hydrosol distillation

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I have tried many different CBD products and have never noticed a significant effect, with GARA I finally found something that works! I love that they are not only effective but all natural and local to CA, you can feel the kind of love and care that go into their products. Highly recommend!

Sarah P.

I was looking for some facial mist that wasn’t oily and I am so glad I found the hydrosols. I love using the calendula and jasmine after a day at the beach and my skin is a bit red.

Chloe R.

This hand sanitizer is wonderful! It has an lovely earthy smell that isn't overpowering. The best part is that it does that job of sanitizing your hands without chapping them

Jackie Z.

I love every product I have tried so far. This menthol rub is an absolute lifesaver for migraines. One of the few things I have found that gives me relief. Thank you!!!!

Melissa C.


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