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Allergy Assist Bundle


  • A boost of cooling menthol immediately dissolves discomfort and increases blood flow
  • A long-lasting cooling effect calms tension, clears sinuses, and uplifts mood 
  • Can be used as a vapor rub on the neck and chest for sinus congestion, symptoms from asthma, seasonal allergies, or colds. 
  • Helps to soothe inflammation in the lungs and airways
  • Lower histamine response with the Full Spectrum Oil


Learn more about the Menthol Rub 

Learn more about the Full Spectrum Oil


A 2005 study showed that certain cannabinoids may actually prevent heightened histamine responses by suppressing the activation of mast cells which trigger histamine release. Inflammation plays a key roll during the onset of allergies and as we know, CBD has been shown to reduce overall inflammation. A 2019 study showed that CBD can also help reduce inflammation in the airways which can be helpful for those who also suffer from asthma.

We believe the best way to combat inflammation is with a daily dose of CBD. Ingest 5-10 drops of the Full Spectrum Oil twice daily. For best results, try morning and evening or as needed throughout the day. After a 30 day period, how do you feel? If you are having intense seasonal allergy episodes, you can increase the dose. 

To assist you at the onset of seasonal allergies, nothing works better than the Menthol Rub. Apply to neck and chest, even a touch under nostrils if you are having trouble clearing the nasal cavity. A boost of cooling menthol immediately opens up the airways and reduces sinus congestion. You can use the Menthol Rub as needed for relief throughout the day and before bed each evening. If you are experiencing tension headaches from allergy symptoms, you can also use the Menthol Rub on the back of the neck and temples for relief. 

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Menthol Rub: Beeswax, Olive Oil*, Menthol, Arnica*, St. John’s Wort*, Full spectrum Hemp Oil+, Castor Oil*, Turmeric*, Peppermint*, White Camphor*, Rosemary*, Eucalyptus*, Clove*, Black Pepper*, Vitamin E (non-GMO)

* indicates Certified Organic

45+ mg CBD derived from hemp


Full Spectrum Oil: coconut-derived MCT oil*, full-spectrum hemp extract

*indicates Certified Organic

250mg CBD derived from hemp

Ingredients not certified organic are however, grown and processed organically.


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Allergy bundle

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