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Essential Oil Roll On


Anoint yourself with our house-distilled essential oil roll on.

We distilled a very small amount of cedar wood, lavender and cannabis essential oils as part of our 2022 Gift Week. Many of you asked for more so we bottled what we had left for you! Once they sell out, we will not be restocking them.


Apply to the inside of each wrist, on both sides of the neck, behind each ear and on the forehead to anoint oneself.


Atlas Cedarwood has a variety of energetic properties and practical uses in aromatherapy and perfumery. Used for building ships, bath houses, making incense and shrines, the wood itself has deep roots in both the masculine and feminine. The scent of the oil we distilled from the heart wood of the tree that was cut down near our home is like a warm embrace. It has a mysterious soulful, contemplative quality, refined and introspective.

The first note is sweet, slightly musky yet still clear and bright. The second note is woody, a full warm body with fleeting balsamic notes. On the skin, it merges with one’s own scent, changing and evolving throughout the day. As time moves forward, the scent tends to get sweeter and sweeter, a lesson I think the tree gives to us. This is the scent of life, fleeting but sweet up until the very end.


The all mighty lavender, what is not to love? Lavender grows abundantly in the Ojai Valley, so much so that we have the Ojai Lavender Days Festival every year. We were fortunate to get a big harvest from a local producer and we distilled lavender essential oil from the fragrant, fresh plant material. The scent of our lavender essential oil is sweet and herbaceous, a classic floral lavender aroma with a sweeter, deep camphor note. The energetic of this oil is cooling, calming, and nurturing. It has a subtle vibrational quality, of the om, that place of pure stillness.

Lavender is widely used as an aromatherapeutic oil to calm both the mind and the body. For the skin, lavender also has these soothing properties. It can be used as a burn ointment, for insect bites and itchy skin, to ease bruising, wounds and other topical ailments.


Cannabis sativa (hemp) is one of our most beloved herbs and it is no wonder that the essential oil that this plant produces is complex and beautiful. The scent of the oil is quite different from what you would imagine. Top notes of citrus and mint fade into a deep, earthy pine that lingers long after first application. It's deep and musky, not skunky but somewhat pungent at first. It wears throughout the day, changing and evolving as it melds with your own scent.

Cannabis essential oil does not contain CBD but it does contain several chemical compounds that have been heavily researched in the field of aromatherapy. Alpha-Pinene, linalool, beta-caryophyllene and limonene are just a few of the terpenes that can be found in this essential oil.


CEDAR WOOD: Organic jojoba oil, cedar wood essential oil*
*distilled in-house 

LAVENDER: Organic jojoba oil, lavender essential oil*
*distilled in-house 

CANNABIS: Organic jojoba oil, cannabis/hemp essential oil*
*distilled in-house 


Ingredients not certified organic are however, grown and processed organically. 



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