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The Four Sages

The Four Sages is a set of sage hydrosols with a handcrafted, wood stand. Each hydrosol is distilled of fresh plant material, specifically for the hydrosol.

This set is an invitation to explore the psyche through the scent of four sacred sages. Our sense of smell is directly linked to limbic system, the emotional processing center in the brain. Through scent, you have an opportunity to take a journey into your inner world and the unconscious. You have the invitation for an unobstructed view of your own inner landscape. Let the scent guide you to that place of wisdom and peace within.







    Read more about the sage in our Journal

    1.7oz (50ml) each


    Mist onto face, neck and chest after cleansing, or whenever your skin needs a boost. Your hydrosol may be used as a therapeutic mist or as a hair and scalp tonic, and can be added to baths or diffusers.

    The set is designed to be used daily. Reach for the one that calls to you and explore the depth and wisdom each sage contains. These hydrosols can also be used in ritual and ceremony.

    Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat. For a cooling mist, store in the refrigerator. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use within 12-16 months of distillation date.


    These aromatic skin tonics are colloidal suspensions of plant acids, minerals, microparticles of essential oil, and other water-soluble compounds. The potent energetic and therapeutic properties of a variety of sages are concentrated in these pure, undiluted hydrosols.

    As they are naturally acidic, hydrosols help to balance the pH of the skin, regulate oil production, and clear problematic or irritated skin. This herbal solution also contains water from the plant itself, along with the elemental essence and life force of the plant. 


    Pure, undiluted hydrosols of Clary Sage, Hummingbird Sage, White Sage and Purple Sage

    Botanical Name: Salvia apiana
    Origin: Ojai, California
    Method: Combo distillation
    Parts Used: Flowers and leaves
    Botanical Name: Salvia leucophylla
    Origin: Ojai, California
    Method: Combo distillation
    Parts Used: Flowers and leaves

    Botanical Name: Salvia spathacea
    Origin: Ojai, California
    Method: Hydrodistillation
    Parts Used: Flowers and Leaves

    Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
    Origin: Ojai, California, USA
    Method: Hydrodistillation
    Parts Used: Flowers


    I have tried many different CBD products and have never noticed a significant effect, with GARA I finally found something that works! I love that they are not only effective but all natural and local to CA, you can feel the kind of love and care that go into their products. Highly recommend!

    Sarah P.

    I was looking for some facial mist that wasn’t oily and I am so glad I found the hydrosols. I love using the calendula and jasmine after a day at the beach and my skin is a bit red.

    Chloe R.

    This hand sanitizer is wonderful! It has an lovely earthy smell that isn't overpowering. The best part is that it does that job of sanitizing your hands without chapping them

    Jackie Z.

    I love every product I have tried so far. This menthol rub is an absolute lifesaver for migraines. One of the few things I have found that gives me relief. Thank you!!!!

    Melissa C.


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