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Spring Clean Bundle

  • Eliminates dead skin cells while improving clarity and complexion
  • Tightens and tones pores without disrupting the delicate skin microbiome
  • Boosts and brightens complexion
  • Rich in natural minerals and antioxidants
  • Support while detoxing internally and externally
  • Ethically and honorably harvested by hand in Ojai, California

You can read more about the Spring Clean Bundle in our Journal here.


Add 2 teaspoons of the powder to a small dish for mixing. Drop by drop, add hydrosol, a dropper full of Tonic, honey or any other wet ingredient to the clay until a juicy, mud consistency is reached. Apply to clean face, neck and chest, avoiding eyes, nostrils and lips.  Let dry for 20-30 minutes. Once mask is dry, reconstitute with warm water. Gently exfoliate while rinsing with circular motions. Rinse and pat dry. Mist liberally with hydrosol before applying the Youth Serum, Zen Cream, or Hemp Butter.

This mask can be used as a full body treatment or to target specific areas for detoxification such as the arm pits and lymphatic channels. After using this face and body mask, you may experience some detoxification. The sulfur in the clay draws impurities to the surface of the skin to be expelled from the body. After the initial detox period, this mask may help to tone and clarify skin. For best results, use once per week.

The Tonic can also be taken internally during your spring cleaning ritual. This formula is gentle yet cleansing, helping to release organ stagnation that may have built up during the winter months. You can read more about the Tonic here.

Please note this mask smells like sulfur and may linger on clothing and skin after treatment. If you are allergic to sulfur, we do not recommend this product for you.


Sulfur Face + Body Mask: Ethically Harvested Sulfur Clay, Fuller’s Earth Clay, Yerba Santa, Helichrysum, Lavender, Cedar Wood, White Sage 

Seasonal Tonic: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Urtica dioica (stinging nettle), Cannabis sativa (whole hemp flowers), Raw Honey

Cannabidiol (CBD): 500mg
Cannabigerol (CBG): 18.5 mg

Seasonal Hydrosols: We distill our hydrosols seasonally, when the plant is at its peak. We always use fresh plant material and distill in a traditional copper alembic still. We distill for the true hydrosol, the essence of the plant. Our hydrosols are pure, aromatic, undiluted herbal waters. 

Ingredients not certified organic are, however, grown and processed organically. 



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